What if we decided we needed a little more of Guggenheim ?

Its famous ramps would continue their ascent “completing” the atrium under the glass roof. The vertical “completion” of Guggenheim would lead to the formation of an internal cone at the peak of which the circular ramp would become a homogeneous level, the last floor of the museum. The glass roof becomes a light source, diffusing it’s rays towards the interior. However,  Guggenheim museum has become so iconic, so emblematic and hermetic in our minds that it can no longer be touched by architects! Even if his own creator were to propose an alternation of its form, New Yorkers would suddenly feel as if they have lost a dear old friend. In a building loaded with symbolism even the story of its alteration could become its extension.     

*Image one contains part of the scene of the movie “New York stories” (1989) as well as a Woody Allen famous quote

•Image eight constitutes the alteration of the front cover of New Yorker magazine

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