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4th place in International architectural competition for the conceptual architectural – urban design of hotel “STARI GRAD ULCINJ”, total design area 24.015 m2, government of the republic of Montenegro - Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Jadran hotel lays on top of a 30 meters cliff overlooking the city Ultsini in the Adriatic. The synthetic problem included the presence of the town - monument opposite to the rock, the  large size of the building and the morphology of the rock. The solution which was finally chosen was based on ideas that have already been implemented by residents to address the steep slopes of the rock. The form of the hotel was adjusted in order to resemble the existing terraces in an attempt to adapt the form of the complex on the flows and the geometry of

the rock. Following the ridges and peaks of the rock the terraces are integrated  on the site and the morphological surface of the rock. At the pick of the rock the composition tackles to prevent the emergence of a visual competitor and tries to enhance the visual relationship that already exists between the cliff and the historic city.

Competition team :

Ioannis Oikonomou, aim